Welcoming Baby Lola, A Newborn + Family Lifestyle Session

It's always an honor when a family invites me into their home to document a special time in their lives.  I pour my heart into these sessions because I know that years from now these parents will look back on these photos and vividly remember the moments from this time and the deep emotions entwined with them.  These babies will look at these photos and see the place they created and shared so many memories.  Not only that, these photos will be passed on to future generations and will help tell their family's story.  These sessions, I don't take lightly.  Not only do I want to capture the beauty of the family in photographs, I want them to be proud of the stories they will help tell down the road. 

This family is pretty special to me... I met them a year ago when I took Rowen's first birthday photos.  Then, I was lucky to photograph the beautiful mama to be, Madeline, and their family before they became a family of four.  I recently had the honor of being invited into their new (gorgeous!) home to document their new addition, sweet Lola, and to also capture a bit of Rowen's fun loving two year old personality.  So much can change in just one year!

A huge thank you to this family for welcoming me into your home and letting me do what I love to do.  Your family is beautiful and so special.  I look forward to seeing where this next year leads for you all, but more than anything wish for it to slow down just a bit so you can enjoy and savor the sweet moments you share together.  <3

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