The Birth Story of Lincoln Edward Otey

Sweet Lincoln - 

The streets were empty and the air was calm as your mom and dad quickly made their way to the hospital the morning you were born.  Your mom was relieved that she would finally get to meet you after weeks of on and off labor.  She was quiet and determined through it all, focused on the task of bringing you Earth-side.  Your dad and aunt were there to support and love her through every second of the grueling, hard work.  If photos could only do your arrival justice - all you need to know is there was so much happiness and love in the room that morning.  All because of you.  You were prayed about, patiently awaited for, and loved from the very beginning.  Welcome to the world, baby boy.  

Lincoln (Leo) Edward Otey

Born September  7, 2016  |  7 lbs, 3.9 oz

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