An Evening with the Piazza Family

This family made my job so easy.  Not only do they look like a family out of a magazine, they are easy going, fun to be around, and have such a sweet family connection that made it effortless to capture some beautiful moments they shared. 

If you're ever interested in having me photograph your family - here's something you need to know: I don't pose you... ever.  I may tell you an area to sit or stand and guide you to interact with one another, but that's pretty much it.  When you are in front of my camera, I guide you to have fun with your family, be silly, love on and cuddle your little ones and to just be yourself.  And I promise you, the most meaningful photos are ALWAYS the ones that I didn't do any guiding at all... When a mom whispers in her child's ear and gives them a kiss or when dad pulls his little ones in for a big bear hug.  Those are always the images that make you feel something, and it's because they are REAL moments - moments that parents will look back on and cherish deeply and moments that children will look back on and vividly remember pieces of their childhood and to also be reminded of how immensely they are loved, and have always been loved, by their parents.  

These moments are important in a family's life, and I always feel so honored and grateful to not only witness them, but to document them for the family to preserve, keep, and pass on to future generations.  Thank you, Piazza family, for the fun evening and being so amazing to work with.  <3 

Kelly LovanComment