Welcoming Baby Henry

Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish. 

Oh, how true this must be.  I only have one child so far, and like many parents with one child, I've often wondered how I could love another as much as I love my baby boy.  The usual response is "Your heart just grows!", which I do believe without a doubt.  Watching this sweet family was a clear example of that and a reminder that a mama's heart really must grow even bigger in love when she has another sweet baby to call her own.  Nathan, Lindsey, Jackson, and Kate welcomed Baby Henry a little over a month ago to their family.  It was obvious how smitten they all are over this handsome boy. How can you not be?  He's perfect in every way.

It was touching to watch Lindsey with each of her children and to witness the sweet, unique bond she has with each of them.  She never lost her patience, spoke sweetly and kindly and showed her affection to them by simple gestures, like playing with her Kate's hair or putting her arms around Jackson playfully.  This may not seem like much, but it's the little gestures of love that happen in your everyday that make up the special memories of your children's childhood.  It builds their sense of trust, confidence, and reminds them that they are protected and loved.  Not only did Lindsey and Nathan show their love in such clear ways, but Jackson and Kate did the same to their baby brother.  They were so sweet and gentle with him and would whisper words in his ear in between shots.  Needless to say, these babies melted my heart!  Baby Henry is one lucky boy to have such an amazing family.

Bringing home a new baby is such a special time in a family's life, and I'm absolutely honored when I'm invited to capture what "life" looks like for them during this season.  It goes by much too quick, and I hope more than anything that one day they will look back at these photos and be reminded of how wonderful this time was, how precious their babies were, and the beautiful love their family shares.  

Congratulations, Polley family!  Your family is absolutely beautiful and I'm so grateful to have met all of you.  <3 

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