Welcoming Baby Olivia | A Fresh 48 Session

"I hope you know how much it meant to me to have you there to capture these memories for us. I will cherish them forever. You are truly talented and your passion for what you do definitely shows. Thank you so much Kelly!"

These sweet words from a client is the reason I do what I do.  If there are ever times I doubt or question what I'm doing, I'm reassured in knowing that the moments I document for my clients are meaningful, special, and help tell their family's story.  Thank you so much to this beautiful mama for the kind words and encouragement.  

I can't explain how touching it was to see this family just being a family.  They spent their time joking, laughing, and loving on their sweet little angel.  It was clear how in love big brother was with his little sister as he counted her toes, rubbed her face, helped dress her and swaddle her up.  Seeing Amanda with her two babies was really something special.  The love of a mother is so strong, and it was overflowing from this mother.  As the session came to an end, Amanda held her baby girl and talked to her quietly, telling her how perfect and beautiful she was.  Amanda was overcome by emotion in that moment, and I was able to capture it.  It's those moments that I am so driven to capture for my mothers.  Those first few days may end up seeming like a blur when they are looked back on, but when she pulls that photo out she will remember the emotion and joy she was feeling when she held her little girl.  She will remember how priceless it was watching her little boy loving on his little sister and the way daddy held his little girl so carefully in his arms.  

It's small, fleeting moments like these that will be stored in your heart forever.  I'm so grateful that this family asked me to be there to document some of their first memories together as a family of four.  Congratulations, Brumley family!  Your family is so lovely and I wish you all the best.  <3

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