The Smith Sisters

I don't have a sister, but I can imagine that the bond that sisters share is hard to describe and something one should never take for granted.  I have been lucky enough to photograph this family three times now, and this past time was with a new member in the family, Miss Sloane.  Sweet Sloane adds to the sister trio, along with Quinn and Elise.  It was so fun to watch these three together, especially seeing Quinn and Elise loving on their little sister. 

I can only imagine all the fun times these sisters will have over the many years to come.  My hope is that one day when they are adults, they will have tons of photos to look back on to help them remember the bond they've always shared and the wonderful memories they have together.  As a photographer, I love to capture sweet moments that will help tell a story or convey a feeling or emotion.  It makes me happy when clients put the photos up on their walls, but I especially like the idea of them pulling the photos back out years down the road to reminisce about their past and to show their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  The thought of these photos helping tell a small piece of these sisters' story is what I love most about what I do. 

When they look back on these photos, I hope they remember the carefree days they spent together full of smiles and giggles and playing pretend.  I hope they remember summer days spent with each other, jumping around in mom and dad's bed and putting together puzzles side by side.  I hope they remember the days when they ran around outside in the fields where they grew up, without a care in the world except what they were going to eat for lunch when they went back inside.  Most of all I hope they remember the adventure and love that filled their childhood as they played together, learned together, and grew together side by side. 

I'm always grateful to spend time with these special girls and happy to have captured just a little bit of what their days look like, right now in this exciting season of their family's life.  Enjoy!