Welcoming Baby Ellie

There's nothing quite like a sweet newborn baby and all the new excitement and love he or she brings to a home.  I always love capturing this new "normal" for a family, and these three were especially wonderful to work with.  Miss Ellie was nothing short of perfect.  She was happy and content being in mom and dad's arms the entire time, and that was great because those are some of my most favorite moments to capture!  They are only that tiny and perfectly cozy for such a short amount of time, so I always want to document those sweet, quiet memories for parents to have and cherish forever. 

Emily, Ellie's mama, shared with me that one of her favorite things during this stage is Ellie's big grins, especially the ones she gives early in the morning when Emily greets her after a night's sleep.  There's nothing that warms your heart more than seeing your baby so happy because they haven't seen you in several hours!  Another favorite is witnessing the joy and happiness that Ellie brings everyone that spends time with her.  How can you not be happy being around such a precious baby girl? 

It really is something special, what a baby can do to a grown adult.  They have the ability to make you see through brand new eyes, to feel a love you never knew existed and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, because that's what they deserve.  Yesterday I went walking (with my own 5 month old son), and a lady that I passed said "Thank God for precious babies, they are truly a gift from heaven."  And I couldn't help but smile and think about how right she was. 

Emily and Hunter, congratulations on your sweet gift from above.  She is perfection and I already know she has filled your life with so much joy.  Thank you for allowing me to capture a small snapshot of what your new life looks like with her, as a family of three.  :)