A Surprise Proposal

Where to start with this session?  First, I'll share a secret with you that most people probably wouldn't share because it involves me admitting that I messed up... Big time.  In the Fall I took photos of these three and somehow, someway, I managed to erase all the images from my memory card before getting them on my computer.  (Gasp!) After days and days of trying to recover the images, I decided it was best to be honest with these two and we decided to reschedule the session for the Spring.  (Let me tell you, I usually always learn my lessons the HARD way!)  Luckily, Josh and Tara were very understanding and kind to me, and I'm very grateful for that.

In the meantime, probably sometime in the winter months, Josh (a policeman) and my husband (a firefighter) were on a scene together.  Josh told my husband that he planned on proposing to Tara during their next photo session.  My husband of course told me, but I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not!  Fast forward several months to the prettiest spring day that we had in weeks.  I wasn't sure what Josh's plan was, but luckily he whispered to me he was planning on proposing.  I told him to wait until I took photos of just the two of them.  Poor guy, I made him wait until the very end of our session!  But, it was worth it.  The lighting was perfect. Paisley was picking flowers. Tara was completely surprised.  Perfection.  Josh did great.  I still don't know how he was able to stay patient and wait that long, but I'm glad he did because these two now have one of their most special memories captured.  

I'm honored every single time that a family steps in front of my camera and trusts me to capture a piece of who they are.  The fact that Josh trusted me enough to capture such an important moment in their lives humbles me more than he will ever know.  I like to think about these photos being printed and placed in a photo album so that this piece of their love story can be shared and told over and over.  One day when Paisley is older, she can flip through the pages and remember this special day.  She can show these memories to her children, and then her children can show their children and the future generations can see a piece of their family's history.  To me, photos aren't necessarily for the now.  They are for passing memories on to the future generations and for telling stories of long ago.  I hope these photos can help this family do just that.

So, back to my big mistake.  God works in crazy ways sometimes.  While it was an absolute nightmare when I misplaced this family's first set of photos, it ended up working out better than I ever could have imagined.  Don't you think?  :) 

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