Connor + Cooper, Six Months Old

I can't believe these handsome boys are already six months old.  I had the honor of taking their sweet mama's maternity photos before their arrival, as well as their newborn photos.  When I took their newborn photos I was pregnant with my own little guy and I remember thinking it would be so long before I would get to snuggle a precious little baby like them.  But now here we are, six months later.  Time has flown by!  These boys are so happy, healthy, and full of personality.  I have truly enjoyed all the time I've spent with this family and feel privileged to capture a small snapshot of their story and the love they share. 

A mother sharing her thoughts about her children pulls at my heartstrings every time.  This time is so fleeting.  It's also so hard.  Connecting with mothers and hearing their wise words always inspires me and gives me the extra push I need at times to get through the challenging days.  I asked Brittany to share with me her feelings about this stage of motherhood with her boys.  Her words were perfect.  I hope you find them to be just as uplifting as I did.  Thank you for sharing your heart, Brittany.  You are an amazing mother and your boys are so lucky to have you!  I'm honored to know you, too.  :)

I absolutely love seeing the way Cooper and Connor look at me first thing in the morning.  They flash a big, cute smile that makes their eyes light up, and I am instantly reminded that their world revolves around me. They miss me when I'm gone, and they are happy when they see me again.
It can obviously be stressful when both of them start to cry, but I always try to remind myself that I will miss cradling them in my arms and soothing them with a simple snuggle. One day they won't want that, but for now, it is comforting to know that I have the ability to soothe them and make them feel better.
People always make comments to me about how full my hands must be, and there is some truth to that. There are times when I literally don't have a free hand. But, I also know that being a mother of twins is something that many don't ever get to experience. While my hands can sometimes be full with two crying babies, I am also humbled at the simple fact that God chose me to be their mommy, and with full hands comes an extra full heart.