Baby Maddox | 6 Months Old

We are calling this Maddox's six month photo session, but in actuality he was seven months when these were taken.  As his mom said, I guess we can call these his seven months + family photos.  Yep that works.  Because that's what happens, right?  Time goes by way too fast.  There's so much to do and too little time to do it.  And life with a baby makes it a tad bit difficult to stay organized and "on top" of things.  Because that's just life, and while it is difficult and busy and crazy, those are all the things that make it all the more beautiful and worthwhile.

I'm a new mom, and I love meeting other new moms.  Motherhood can be tough to navigate, and it's reassuring when you meet other women that are going through the same daily struggles and successes you are.  Being a mom is great, but gosh it's hard!  I'm always left feeling refreshed after having open, honest conversations with other mommas, and that's the way I felt after finishing up my time with this amazing family.

Maddox was happy, curious, and so much fun.  Watching his parents interact with him and love on him made my day.  The love and bond they share was visible to anyone around to see.  Laura shared with me some of their favorite things during this stage of life with Maddox, and it helped me remember that it really is the small things that matter most.  For her and her husband, it's little things like the sound of Maddox's sweet voice.  It's his excited babbles and squeals.  It's him reaching for their face and giving big kisses with his mouth wide open. It's laying him down to sleep at night and soaking in the big smile on his face, as if he is telling them how much he loves them and enjoys the time they spend together.  These are the things that happen in small, fleeting moments that will pass all too quickly...  The moments you'll always want to remember.

There are also moments that you would feel happy to forget... Like the lack of sleep.  Any mother reading this can relate (me especially!), and Laura wasn't afraid to admit this area can be somewhat stressful.  Her response to this really left me thinking from a different perspective, though, and I'm so happy she shared with me her thoughts. 

"I always try to remember that he won't always need me the way he needs me now. He needs my love and comfort in the middle of the night. We are all he knows and all he has. There is no greater job in the world then being a mom.  I'm loving every minute of it."

How true is that?  I hope anyone reading this can find encouragement from this momma's words.  One day her baby... my baby... and your baby (no matter the age) won't need you like they do now.  So in those times of frustration and feeling like you just want to give up... keep going.  Remember that your little one needs you, and they always will.  But not like they do right now.  So try to enjoy the tough moments just as much as you do the happy ones, because they matter just as much.

A big thank you to Laura for sharing her thoughts with me about motherhood.  And a thank you to both her and her husband, Derek, for allowing me to capture a little bit of their family's beauty. 

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