Welcoming Baby Carter | A Newborn Lifestyle Session

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."  

Did you know Winnie the Pooh said that?  How right he is.  I've heard and seen this quote several times, but it just felt fitting with this sweet boy.  Baby Carter's parents waited nearly two months to bring their baby boy home from the hospital.  As a mother, it breaks my heart thinking of any family having to go through a time of waiting like that, and I'll tell ya.. since meeting this family I have said many prayers for families in similar situations as this one has endured.  But, what matters most is this boy is happy, healthy and now HOME!  

Ashley and Jonathon welcomed me into their home with open arms and allowed me to capture "life", as it looks like now.  I always ask my moms and dads what being "lazy and cozy with the baby" looks like, because that's what I love to photograph.  These two had no problem showing me all the ways they get comfy together and their favorite ways to snuggle their precious boy.  So when you you look through these photos, you'll know that on a typical day this is what life looks like for them during this season of life (except they may be in sweatpants instead).   ;) 

Ashley mentioned during our time together that Carter had already changed so much since he was born.  It's crazy how quickly newborns change.  I wasn't able to capture Carter's sweet face and details when he was just days old, but I sure hope Ashley and Jonathon look back on these photos with a smile and warmed heart because it makes them think of the indescribable feeling of bringing their boy home after a long stay in the NICU.  I hope they remember ALL of the memories and emotions when looking back at these photos - the worries that come with bringing home a baby, the excitement and joy, the exhaustion and sleepless nights, the cuddles and days spent soaking in their little one, and the way that love has multiplied not only for the little human they created, but for each other as well.  Bringing home a baby is definitely life-changing and a moment you'll never want to forget.  For this family, though, it means so much more.  Congratulations, Eade family... You have a beautiful, kind family, and I'm honored to have captured a snapshot of what this season of life looks like for the three of you.  <3 


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