The Curley Family | Louisville & Southern Indiana Family Photographer

This is the third time I've had the opportunity to take this sweet family's photos.. and every time I leave thinking about how wonderful they are.  It's been fun watching how little Liam's personality changes and evolves each time I see him, and I always love to see the outside perspective of the way Amanda and Stephen love on him.  Their love for Liam is so strong and evident, it's always a blessing to get to see (especially now that I'm pregnant and drawn even more to parent/children connections). 

Amanda and Stephen have always been so open to whatever ideas I have and are always up for a "documentary" style session.  In my opinion, there's nothing more real and meaningful than to capture true personalities, emotions, and interactions between loved ones..  I've even noticed how much Liam has changed and grown over the past year, and I can only imagine how his parents feel about him growing so quickly!  That's why it's so important to capture him for who he is now, because he will soon grow and change even more. 

Amanda shared her perspective about "life" as they know it right now, especially when it comes to Liam... 

"I'm loving his sense of wonderment and increased understanding of the world right now. His love for books and stories grows, and just now he's scribbling pictures and putting a label to what he's just scribbled. It's like he knows there's a whole world out there in the printed word and he just can't wait to discover that on his own. I love how he pauses outside to take in the smell of a single flower, then picks it for me. I love how he buries his face in my chest then looks up at me with a smile and a scrunched up face just to let me know he's there."

You all... those are the special little moments you'll look back on one day and remember with so much happiness it hurts.  It's also little moments like those that can slip by unnoticed and unappreciated.  PLEASE -- don't. miss. it. 

What have I learned from this family?  To take it all in and enjoy what life has to offer, right now... To see each stage in life as a new learning season and a time to recognize and savor every new, meaningful moment, because they pass all too soon. 

Thank you to this family for always being open and allowing me to honestly capture them... and learn some valuable lessons along the way.  :)

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