An Evening with Caden | Southern Indiana Children & Family Photographer

The evening I got to hang out with Caden and his momma was probably the hottest, most humid of days I've taken pictures this year.  You'd never know it by looking at these pictures, though.. Caden was shy at first, but as he got to know me a little more his sweet personality started to come out and it was obvious that he was really enjoying himself.  Exploring the area, playing with bubbles, looking for fish and throwing rocks into the pond were some of the highlights of the evening.  Caden's dad unfortunately wasn't able to make it for pictures at the last minute, but I was still able to capture some sweet moments between him and his momma. 

I asked Venesa, Caden's mom, to share with me a little bit about her little boy and what she loves most about him, at this moment in time.  Time goes so fast, and I know little kids grow and change so quickly, going from one stage to the next in the blink of an eye.  I'm always interested to hear what it is that parents treasure about their children at those different stages. 

What I learned made me smile, and I was happy that I was able to witness some of these beloved qualities in Caden during our time together... Caden is pretty much the perfect definition of BOY.  Some things he loves most are trucks, playing with rocks, getting messy in the dirt, building Legos with dad, and his two English Bulldogs.  Mom and dad especially love his infectious personality that has begun to shine through more and more at this exciting age.  Any day is made better just by seeing his silly facial expressions or hearing his laugh. 

Venesa shared something with me that tugged at my heart a bit, because I know I'll be feeling this way all too soon once my sweet baby is here in December....

"He is my precious little boy and growing so fast. I wish I could keep him this little forever, but I love watching him grow and learn new things."

If I had to guess, I'd say all parents think this at some time or another as their child is growing.  Time flies by and I'm sure that if a parent could, they'd bottle up each sweet stage their child goes through so they could savor it forever.  Knowing how "real life" usually goes, I'm sure that it can be hard to truly stay present and cherish each of those moments while you're actually living them.  Each stage your child goes through brings along it's own set of challenges that I'm sure could hinder you from seeing the many blessings and sweet moments during those times, simply because you're trying to stay afloat and do the best you can.  And before you know it, those times are gone and past, and you're left missing those little moments.  Isn't that how things seem to happen too often, anyways? Whether you have kids or not, it's so easy to let the little moments pass right by...

I promise I'm not trying to be a downer here!  As an expecting mother, I've been thinking a lot about how much things will soon change, how amazing all these new experiences will be, and how fast time will go.  Hearing a mother's thoughts about her own child, like Venesa shared, helps you put things into perspective and helps you remember what's most important.  To stop every now and then and soak up sweet moments that will soon pass by.  To take time to savor the things you love about your child, your family, and your life at that moment in time.  To take the time to reflect on the blessings, even in the midst of a busy and sometimes challenging life.

As a photographer, I love capturing little pieces of a person's life.  Not only that, I love learning small lessons from them and taking a little something away that can have a positive impact on my own life.  Every person and every family has a story to tell, and you can learn valuable lessons from them as long as you keep your eyes and ears open.  The lesson I learned from this family was that it's important to treasure the small things in life and not let the moments pass you by.  As someone whose life is about to change drastically when I bring a little babe home myself, these lessons are important for me to learn as much as possible.  Thank you to this wonderful family for letting me get a glimpse into their lives and into their own story.  I enjoyed every minute of it! 

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