A Beautiful Mother's Story: Meet Jessica | Southern Indiana Documentary Photography

I'm excited to bring you another beautiful mother's story!  We are taking a different approach with this post, as Jessica shares some of her insights as a mother.  Jessica has three beautiful boys... and believe me when I say they are ALL boy!  Silly, high energy, athletic, rough-housing boys.  They had me laughing most of every minute I spent with them.

What really stood out to me with this family was their closeness.  It was obvious that every evening they all go out to the backyard and play.  Not just the boys, but mom and dad, too.  So that's what we captured.  A "normal" evening in this family's life.

 I got to learn just how passionate Jessica is about making every moment count with her family as I chatted with her and picked her brain about motherhood.  I can only imagine how busy life is with three boys, so the one thing that Jessica said that stood out to me was that she tries her very best to enjoy every stage that her boys go through, the good and the bad.  She knows how short lived those moments will be, and she wants to cherish every bit that she can.  

The weekend before this session, Jessica's middle son, Grady, broke his collar bone.  Rather than rescheduling the session, Jessica and her family still wanted to go through with it.  She said "this is real life and something to look back on and remember."  I loved to hear that!  You'll notice that Grady isn't wearing his sling because he refused to have it on for pictures... ;)  Again, they are tough boys!

I learned a lot from the little time I spent with Jessica and her family.  One day when I'm a mother, I really hope that I can follow Jessica's example.  I know that all of her days probably aren't perfect, but she chooses to see the good through it all and soak in every moment that she can.  

I hope you can gain a little encouragement from what she has to share... Enjoy!   

What does home mean to you?

Home means a cozy, safe place where everyone is loved.  We can be silly, sad, mad, crazy, whatever!  A free night home playing outside is my favorite.  Since I was a child (and still now), I get homesick VERY easily.

What does "real life" look like?

"Real life" for the Mayfields is crazy!  We are running from school to practices to games to the Y (this momma's therapy!) to Faith First at church all week long.  We try to sit down as a family to eat most nights-it's a priority.  My husband's schedule doesn't always cooperate, but we try.

What do you love most about your "real life"?

I love how busy we are.  When I stop and get a little overwhelmed about six baseball games in three days or doctors and dentist appointments, I think about how much I will miss it all when they are grown up.  It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!  I love that they need me and as hectic as it gets, I know one day I'll think these are the very best years of my life.

What values do you want to instill in your children?

First and foremost, I want them to be compassionate.  I want them to put themselves in others' shoes and realize everyone doesn't have it as good as they do.  Entitelemnt is not acceptable.  I also think work ethic and drive in life is important.  I am a go-getter and I expect them to try their hardest in everything.  I'm learning that may not be the case with all my boys... so check back in twenty years.   :)  

What is one of your "non-negotiables" as a mother?

I don't miss things.  If one of the boys has a game or a special day at school or an activity, I am there.  My parents were divorced when I was very young and my mom worked two jobs, therefore missing a lot.  I don't have many memories of her being home to just play or her at every school thing because she couldn't.  I want my boys to know mommy will always be there, whether it be simply playing basketball in the basement or at a big game.  

How do you create intentional times with the ones you love?

Every night at bedtime I lay with the boys until they fall asleep.  We pray, and sometimes random thoughts come into their little heads as they are drifting off to sleep.  I know other moms who have said they couldn't wait until their kids could put themselves to sleep, but not this momma.  I will lay with them until they day they tell me they're too big.  I pray that day is years and years away.

How do you keep things in perspective?

We are SO blessed.  By the grace of God we have three healthy, happy boys and I kno many families are not as lucky.  When a situation is stressful (Braxton getting stitches, or Grady having an ER worthy asthma attack, or Cruz flushing a train down our toilet...), in the big picture of my life, it is so not big of a deal.  Day to day stuff will happen (and oh how it happens!), but I guarantee I will remember those events with fondness one day.

What daily moments do you want to remember as a mother?

I try to be the mom I want them to remember... I want to remember playing outside with my boys, and I want them to remember it also.  As soon as we get home they all want to go play.  They are like caged animals!  Our most recent favorite outside games are baseball of course, "tickle monster" on the trampoline, swings, scooters, the list goes on and on.  I want them to remember mommy playing and being silly with them.  

What are your best tips or advice to other mommas out there?

When I was pregnant with my oldest, someone told me, "Enjoy every moment.  Everything your child will experience is a stage - the good and the bad stages."  I have lived by that.  When they are crying in the middle of the night or throwing tantrums or having accidents-it will be short lived.  The flip side of that is when they want to hold my hand or cuddle with me or to kiss a boo-boo, those moments are short lived also.  My best tip is to try to enjoy every stage.