Baby Waylon: A Birth Story | Southern Indiana Documentary Photographer

I’m addicted to moments… big moments, small moments, happy and sad moments.  Moments that make you feel something.  Moments that end up becoming a piece of your story and part of your history that you will one day tell your children and grandchildren about.  

I’m also addicted to connections, raw emotions, and pure beauty. Not the beauty that comes from outer appearances but the true beauty that comes from within.. from strength, kindness, compassionate spirits, honest interactions and love shared between two people.  

Documenting the birth of sweet Waylon was all that and more.  Witnessing the love, support, and encouragement from the family members, friends, doctors and nurses was so heartwarming.  One of my favorite parts about documenting the birth story was getting to see firsthand the way Kevin loved Sarah and the amazing strength and perseverance Sarah withheld throughout it all.  And of course, watching Kevin and Sarah meet their brand new baby boy for the first time.  

I find myself noticing the small details and moments in life.  While giving birth is by no means a small moment, the time leading up to it is.  Those are the moments and little details I noticed and strived to capture.  The strength and determination shown on Sarah’s face, the way Kevin held her hand or stroked her head to reassure her, the joy of seeing and holding baby Waylon the first time, and the excitement in the waiting room when Kevin announced it was a boy… Those are real moments and memories worth remembering.  

I am so grateful to Sarah, Kevin, and their families for allowing me to share this special day with them.  Baby Waylon is very lucky to have such a big, amazing family full of people that love him to no end.  Congratulations to Sarah and Kevin on becoming a family of three!  

This is their story... A piece of their history, and some of the first memories they will have of their new baby boy, Waylon.  Enjoy!  


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