Waiting on Sophia | Southern Indiana Maternity Photographer

It was wonderful spending time with these two soon-to-be parents.  Hearing the excitement in their voice as they talked about their sweet baby girl was so heartwarming.  Angelique is an amazingly strong, beautiful woman.  She has had a tough pregnancy, which has resulted in many hospital visits and rough days, but she remains positive and beyond excited to become a mother.  Tim hasn't left her side as he has supported and encouraged her through the challenging times.  They are going to be amazing parents!  Read along to hear a few of their thoughts about becoming parents and raising their little girl, who will be here so soon!

What are you most excited and nervous about as you await the arrival of your baby girl?

I'm really excited to hold her in my arms and personally tell her how much I love her.  I would tell her that all the times I've been sick and hospitalized is worth it and that I would do it over again for her.  I'm nervous that I might not be that ready since I am a first time mom and I really don't know what to expect .

If you could tell Sophia something about her mommy and daddy at this moment in time, what would it be?

We want her to know that her mom and dad loves her more than anything.  That we pray everyday for her to grow healthy and strong, and that we can't wait to shower her with love and kisses .

What values do you want to teach/instill in Sophia?

I want her to love The Lord first.  I want her to have a loving, compassionate, strong heart.  To appreciate my culture and to respect that people are different and to find the beauty in everything.

I want her to be a healthy, respectful, and beautiful young lady.  I want her to know that it's okay to fail and cry and struggle and we are behind her in every step of the way.