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Hey friends!  I've got some REALLY exciting news to share!  

I am so honored to be among 50 photographers chosen to share "The 50 Most Inspiring Adoption Stories" with Beauty Revived and Adoption.com!  

When I applied for this amazing opportunity I did not expect to be chosen.  So needless to say, I am extremely grateful and beyond excited to work on this project with the other 49 wonderful photographers.  I can't wait to see the amazing stories that emerge from this!

Click here to see the announcement at BeautyRevived.com! 

So, I thought I'd go ahead and share a little bit of background information that explains why I'm so excited to have this opportunity...

Back in the summer, I got to spend some time with this amazing family.  I met Jill about six years ago... She is a teacher, and when she went on maternity leave I became her permanent sub!  I never knew that years later we would end up becoming friends and that I would get to photograph her wonderful family.  Anyways, back to the summer...  When we did this session it was pretty special because Jill and her family had recently welcomed a sweet little girl to their family.. Bella.  Adoption was something that had been laid upon Jill and her husband, Charlie's, heart and the process they went through was long and challenging.  But, as you see, it was all more than worth it because they now have their beautiful, healthy daughter.  Hearing their story of faithfulness and how God worked in their lives during this time was so inspiring to me, and I wanted to share it.  

Surely there are others out there going through the same process this family went though... Families that may feel discouraged and hopeless.  Families that need encouragement and hope.  Families that need to hear that it will all be worth it in the end.  So, Jill and her family agreed to allow me to document their family and share their adoption story.  We were both so excited!  However, I was feeling slightly unsettled because I wanted to share their story with a broader audience of people that would find hope and encouragement from this family.  But how?  I researched and researched, trying to find ways that I would be able to get their story out there... But I was left frustrated.  So, I did what I should have done from the very beginning... I prayed.  And God answered!  That same day a photographer friend told me about an organization (Beauty Revived) that was teaming up with Adoption.com to showcase fifty adoption stories.  I couldn't believe it!  I applied, thinking it was a long shot and that I probably wouldn't get chosen.  But I did!  Do you ever have moments in your life when you know, without a doubt, that God was at work?  That whatever was happening was not by your own doing, but God's?  Well, that was one of those moments for me.  All I could think to say was "Thank you, God" because I knew He had worked all of this out because this family's story of love, patience, and faithfulness is meant to be heard.

I absolutely can't wait to start on this project with Charlie, Jill, Josiah, Cash, and Bella.  They have inspired me and I know their story will continue to amaze me as we start working on this together.  God is good, and I can't wait to share the end product with you all!  

Until then, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and to view the weekly features by the other amazing photographers chosen to share adoption stories!

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