A Day in the Life: The Spear Twins | Southern Indiana Family Photographer

Documentary sessions make me happy.  Walking into someone's home and being allowed to capture a little piece of what their "normal", everyday life looks like is something I love to do.  While you may not look back on the pictures and see posed photos with everyone smiling at the camera, what you do see is real life.  Life as you knew it, from that moment in time.  Your children's favorite breakfast, their unique personalities, games you played together and what your home looked like.  Years down the road, the memories you would recall from looking at the photos would be meaningful not only to you, but your children as well.

What does a morning look like with twins?  My sweet friend invited me over to her home to document a little bit of what an ordinary Saturday morning looks like for them.  By watching Jamie and David raise these sweet, funny, crazy kiddos, I've learned that life with twins is busy, busy, busy.  Their home is full of energy and noise, and I know that while sometimes it may get a little chaotic, they wouldn't have it any other way. 

Thank you to the Spear family for inviting me into their home and allowing me to honestly document a little bit of their life.  Saturday mornings with these silly twins won't always be this way, so I hope these photos can be a happy reminder of how wonderful this time in their life was. 


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