The Hutton Family: This is Home | Newborn & Family Documentary Session

"Home" is a lazy Saturday with no plans and staying in our PJs for entirely too long.

It is cuddles on the couch with Mommy sitting too close to Daddy, baby Jude wrapped up in the middle, and Talon playing 'guys' close by... with the smell of firewood burning in the fireplace.

It is saying prayers as a family before meals when we're all sitting around the table together.

"Home" is the quiet house as we lay our heads down at the end of the day, knowing everyone is tucked away in bed exactly where they belong, and everything is truly as it should be.

This family... I just love them.  Their kindness and compassion. their genuine personalities. their love for one another.  their bond.  their perseverance and determination. their selflessness. their spirits. their faith.     I could go on and on!

Kyle and Lindz, thank you for opening your home to me and letting me get a glimpse of what home means to you.  It's so special.  These pictures don't even come close to all the sweet moments and memories that are being made there everyday, but I gave it a try.  :)