Mo | A Day in the Life

"Home is a place where we can all love each other at our best and at our worst."
This is a small glimpse into the home of the Easter family... A "Day in the Life" of their sweet little girl, Mo.  My heart is in these documentary sessions because it captures the true personalities and the "real life" of a family.  Moments with those we love are fleeting but they become memories that will be cherished forever...

A few words her parents use to describe Mo are sassy, thoughtful, shy, spontaneous, and clever.  After spending a few hours with this family I was able to see those cute little characteristics in Mo.  This family's home is so inviting, cozy, and full of love.  I loved being a fly on the wall and watching her do her everyday thing.  Relaxing in her PJs, having a tea party with her favorite Disney characters, playing "kitchen", coloring, being goofy with dad before he left for work and getting cozy with mom...  Even through these simple, ordinary everyday interactions I was able to see the love that this family shares with one another... Especially the tremendous love that TiffAnnie and Tyler have for Mo.

I had mom and dad answer a few questions to help capture the true essence of their family at this moment in time and to better help tell their story.  Everyone has a story, and it's always worth telling...  Enjoy!

What do you love about Mo?
Mo has such an infectous little laugh and remembers everything. I love that she remembers everything, which keeps me on my toes and laughing.

What do you want to remember about Mo at this age?
I want to remember how much Mo needs her Mommy and Daddy. Every time there is a scraped knee, a story to be read, her favorite meals to made, help with a trip to the potty or someone just to cuddle with… she comes to us, this will not always be the case as she grows older and becomes more independent each day.  I will always love this age because for the first time we can see the extent of her personality and the little lady she will become.

What do you want Mo to know?
The most important thing we want for Mo is to know and feel that she is always loved. There will be times now and when she is grown where she will feel anger, sorrow and joy, we want her to know that our love will always be there and can never be taken away.