Bentley + Chrisney + Blake | Fun in a New Home

These three kiddos are so full of energy and sweetness!  We spent an hour at their new beautiful home (they hadn't moved in yet), checking out empty closets and bedrooms, chasing each other from room to room, wrestling around (the kids, not me!) and laughing (a lot).  They were so excited to show me their new bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets (and Chrisney's cool chandelier light in her room!)  The dynamic of these three siblings was so fun to watch.  Blake and Chrisney were teasing each other and wrestling around like typical siblings do (Chrisney can give Blake a run for his money!), but you could still see their sweet love for each other.  Little Bentley seemed to steer clear of his two older siblings for the most part... Every time we tried to get a picture of him with Blake and Chrisney he would start crying!  Maybe it was because they tried to pull him into their wrestling matches, too!  He's definitely a little trooper and may just get them back one day when he is as big as they are.  

This new home is soon going to be crammed full of energy, laughter, and love.  It's pretty neat to think about these little ones growing up in this new home...  I can only imagine the fun memories that will be made here.  Hear are a few snapshots of our time together...   :)