Hattie, Evie, & Lydia

I can't even begin to describe how happy these three little girls make me.  Before I met my husband, I didn't have many small children in my family.  Spending time with these girls, getting to know each of their unique personalities, and watching them grow up (too fast!) makes me realize more and more how lucky I am to be their Aunt.

So, being their proud Aunt and all, I of course have to brag on them a bit!  I am not lying when I say these three make me laugh, and I mean seriously laugh, all the time.  Not just a "oh, aren't they cute and silly" laugh.  I mean, they are really that funny!  



Lydia is such a little grown up.  The conversations we have, and that she has with others, is so beyond her years.  She is the most kind and caring little girl... and I can honestly say that after teaching elementary school for a few years!  I've never seen a little girl with so much compassion in her heart.  I mean... at her own birthday party, she made sure she served everyone a piece of cake first, and even asked if people wanted seconds, before she ate her own piece.  She is so observant and intuitive when it comes to how others are feeling.  She is such a good big sister.  I love catching the little moments when she gives Hattie a kiss on the head or rubs Evie's back.  She has so much love for them and I know that she'll always look out for them (even if/when they go through the crazy teenage years).  She's also a little dare devil--you should watch her ride her bike and swim in the lake!  With Lydia, you're always laughing or chuckling at her.  She is so much fun, and her heart is so big.  When I look at her, she reminds me not to take life so seriously.  To enjoy the small things in life and to treat everyone with kindness and compassion.  And to take a nap when I get too tired so I don't go crazy... something she tends to do at times!  :)





Then there's Evie... Oh my!  This girl can seriously wrap anyone around her little finger simply by looking at her.  I mean look at her!  I'm obsessed with her sweet little features, curly head of hair, tiny frame, and BIG personality.  If you catch her on a  regular day, you will find her in a little yellow dress that she pretty much refuses to take off.  It doesn't matter if the dress is dirty, stained, or if it's 50 degrees outside.  She LOVES. that. dress.  Even when her mom tries to hide it from her... she finds it.  She "feels so boot-i-full" in it.  We actually had trouble getting her to take it off for these pictures!  While Lydia will pretty much wear anything and not put up a fight, little Evie will usually always have something to say about her outfit.  She loves dresses, tights, and boots, and the color purple and pink... She also loves cuddling up on the couch and watching TV... a little couch potato!  I can't put into words how unique she is...  You just have to be around her to see it yourself.  :)


And last but not least... Hattie.  This little one is a big ball of energy and silliness.  She does not want to be left out of anything.  She has two big sisters that she needs to keep up with!  She is so curious and wants to explore everything.  She will not leave a cabinet or drawer left undiscovered, which means if you are with her you have to be on your toes, constantly!  She has such a goofy personality... She loves to make people laugh and she knows she is funny!  I have a feeling that she will be the sister that is very laid back and go with the flow with a great sense of humor.  I'm so excited for when Hattie starts talking.. I can only imagine the things she will say when she can finally communicate with words!  



These little girls have the best parents in the world, who make sure that they each have opportunities to do the things that interest them, help them learn and grow, and value each of their unique personalities.  I'm not yet a parent, but can only imagine how tough of a job it is.  And with three little girls under the age of six, I'm sure it's exhausting and at times overwhelming.  But, they do it so well and I truly admire them, both as friends and parents.  I'm pretty lucky to have them to give me lots of good advice and help one day once we have kids!  :)

I love, love, love these little girls.  I hope you enjoy their pictures!