A Day in the Life: Gus, Sylvia, & Isla

A Day in the Life sessions are my favorite because I get to see children and families in their normal, everyday settings, which makes for very real and memory-provoking photographs.  I think I love these sessions because one day, when the families look back on their pictures from this day, they will remember the time in their lives when their children were doing the exact things they see in the photographs. They will remember that house they lived in, their children's favorite clothes and toys they were obsessed with, the silly faces and things their kids did, and the emotions and memories from around that time period.  That is important to me, so I think it's probably important for a lot of other people, too.  

So, enough rambling...  My brother and sister-in-law let me come over one Saturday morning and be a fly on the wall while I captured "normal, everyday life" photos of their two little girls and little boy.  I've been around my nieces and nephew plenty of times, but I've never had the opportunity to see them from this perspective.  The way Isla and Sylvia played and talked to each other was so sweet... and yes, I hear that they can bicker quite a bit, but on this particular morning they seemed to be the best of friends.  That sisterly bond is already evident, and I'm excited to watch their bond and love for one another grow as they get older.  And Gus... the big brother.  It seems like he tries to stay away from his little sisters and do his own thing--he loves Ninja Turtles, superheroes, and Legos (check out his homemade Ninja Turtle costume below)-- but, he did come back and play with them a few times and helped them get their toys out and showed them how they were "supposed" to play the games.  I can tell he's a proud and protective big brother, even if he doesn't realize it quite yet.  

I love these little ones, but this experience made me love them even deeper because I got to watch them being their true little selves... Where they felt comfortable and safe in their home and with the ones they love most--their family.  I think we get so caught up and busy with life sometimes that we forget to slow down and just BE, or feel, or reflect and appreciate what's going on around us.  I'm grateful I had the chance to do that with my nieces and nephew, and happy to have gotten some photographs that capture who they are, at this moment in time.  :)  Here are a handful from the day...