The Kelley Family

There may have been snow on the ground and a bit colder than what we have liked, but that didn't stop this wonderful family from making the most of our time together.  It actually made it even more memorable!  

Mom and Dad have to be proud of their two sweet kids.  I loved watching Jenna and Alex talking and joking with each other... I always have a sweet spot in my heart for capturing siblings together, especially a brother and sister (I think it's because my brother and I are so close, it kind of reminds me of us when we were little ones).  They were so kind and respectful towards each other, not to mention silly and fun!  They didn't once complain about the cold.  They were troopers!  From the short time we spent together I gathered that Alex is an awesome big brother, a great role model, quite the athlete, and someone you can count on to tell some jokes.  Jenna seems to be independent with a sweet heart and kind spirit.  She's such a little beauty (and her freckles are perfection!). 

I really enjoyed my time with this family.  It is evident that they are very close and share a special and unique bond, which is always inspiring to see!  Here are a handful of photos from our time together...  :)