An Afternoon with Erin and Vada

I was lucky to spend a bit of an afternoon with Erin and Vada earlier this month.  It was so sweet to see the bond between this momma and daughter.  Little Vada has such personality and attitude (in a good way!).  When I first met her she had her cool shades on and was ready to get her model on.  She was a little shy at first, but once she warmed up to me she chatted with me just like a little adult.  

We wandered around talking about animals, looked for fish in the lake, and played in the leaves.  To top it off Vada had a tea party with her favorite stuffed animals and had a tickle fight with mom.  Unfortunately, she cut her finger on a piece of grass and was ready to call it quits since she was in need of a bandaid.  (While her cutting her finger was not funny, the situation and way she reacted was quite comical.)  Vada is so funny, curious, and such a sweetie.  There's no doubt that she keeps mom laughing each day!