Emmi + Harper

I'm so happy I was able to hang out with these two sweet girls and their momma for a bit while they were visiting home for the weekend.  Emmi was so sweet and helpful with her little sister.  And, as you will probably notice, is absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't get over how pretty her eyes were and how sweet and kind her demeanor is.  This girl is beautiful inside and out.  

Little Harper was a ball FULL of energy!  She was all over the place, which I love!  I always get a good exercise with little ones like her.  She loved bubbles and couldn't get enough of the pretty purple flowers she found.  It was so sweet watching her with her big sister... It's obvious she loves her and already looks up to her so much.  

This momma has two beautiful, sweet girls!  I can only imagine all the laughter, fun, and exciting memories they make together.  I'm lucky to have met these little ones and happy I was able to capture a bit of their big personalities.  Here's a few of my favorites from our time together...  Enjoy!