The Spears

Where do I even start with this family?  They are quite special to me for a few reasons... Jamie and I have been great friends ever since we were young.  Since graduating high school, her and I, along with our other awesome group of girlfriends, have stayed in close touch and have been blessed to go through new and exciting seasons of life together.  Graduating college, getting married, new jobs, babies.. An exciting time for our group of friends is when we found out Jamie and David would be having twins...  Yes, twins!  They are such wonderful parents.  I can't figure out how they are so great at it... Addilyn and Dawson are so full of energy so there's no down time around these two.  However, Jamie and David seem to have it down to a perfect science.  Keeping a constant eye on the twins, getting everyday chores and responsibilities done, making time for family and friends, maintaining positive and uplifting attitudes... They are the best!  The love they have for Addilyn and Dawson is so special to see.  They make sure that each of their kiddos get the love and attention they need, as well as ensure that each of their unique personalities are recognized and appreciated.  

I admire and love this family so much.  I feel blessed to be a part of their life and watch as Addilyn and Dawson grow up.  We had a fun morning together at the Charlestown State Park..  The pictures don't accurately portray the energy these two have, but I'm sure you can imagine...  :)  Enjoy!