The Kaelins

I met the momma of these awesome kids about five to six years ago when I worked as a temporary teacher at the school she teaches at.  It was my very first teaching job and I was a nervous wreck!  I took over a second grade class and dove right in.  Sulayne also taught second grade, and she was my life-saver.  She made sure I had everything I needed, answered any questions I ever had, and was constantly encouraging and supporting me as I made my way through the new teacher process.  There's no doubt that she was a huge reason I had such a positive first teaching experience and I will always be grateful to her for that.

So, I was obviously very excited when I was asked to take her family's photos!  This family was so easy going and fun.  We wandered around in the woods and I learned that one of the kids' favorite things to do is to play "Hunger Games"... They have great imaginations and are all three quite adventurous, which made our time together very fun!  

Here are a handful from our time together!