The Birth Story of Hazel Mae | Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer

If you’re from this area, you know that Springtime in Kentuckiana is one of the most fun and busy times of the year. After spending a full day at Thunder Over Louisville, Kelcey knew that her baby would soon be making his or her entrance into the world. They quickly made their way home to put their daughter to bed, grabbed their bags and made their way to the hospital. One thing you don’t want to encounter when you’re in labor and driving to the hospital is traffic, and that’s exactly what they ran into - blocked intersections, crammed streets and backed up cars were making it a slow drive (can you imagine how stressful that would be?!). Luckily after they proved to a policeman that Kelcey was in labor, they were basically given an escort through the closed streets to the hospital, where nurses were already waiting for Kelcey when she arrived.

I received a text from Kelcey at 10:31 pm when they were heading to the hospital. She told me not to be in a big rush, but I’ve learned that it’s best to get to the hospital as quickly as I can because you never know what can happen. There could always be traffic (and there was!) and the baby could always come more quickly than anticipated (and she did!). I rushed out the door and headed towards the hospital, only to be stopped by traffic at every street I attempted to drive down. It was a stressful drive, but I luckily made it to the hospital in the knick of time.

Once I finally made it to the hospital, I rushed up to Kelcey’s room to find her having consistent and intense contractions. The nurses quickly began to get everything set up and ready for delivery as Tyler and Kelcey’s mom tried to keep Kelcey calm and focused through her contractions. Her pain was unbearable as she quickly progressed, but everyone reassured her that it only meant that she was only minutes from meeting her baby. In the moments that Kelcey wasn’t sure she could do it, her loved ones reminded her again and again how strong and capable she was. In the moments she wanted to give up, her body knew exactly what to do to bring her baby into the world. The strength of a laboring woman is beyond measure, and Kelcey’s strength and determination as Hazel made her quick entrance is no exception.

Hazel Mae was born at 1:00 am, and after a quick glance her dad made the announcement that they had another baby GIRL. Kelcey cried tears of joy and relief, shocked over how quickly her daughter made her way into momma’s arms.

After getting several hours of rest, Hazel and Caroline met for the first time. Getting a new sibling can be a big shock, but it didn’t take long for Caroline to be ready to hold her baby sister and check out her every detail. I’m not sure which moment was more special, Hazel’s entrance into the world or when these sweet sisters met for the first time. I can only imagine the years of precious memories they’ll make together.

These four friends are so special to our family, and we couldn’t be more happy for them. I was honored to document Caroline’s birth and it was even more special to capture Hazel being born and joining her family, bringing so much joy and happiness. She’s the perfect fit.

Congratulations, friends! Thank you for trusting me with your family’s memories. We look forward to many wonderful years ahead as our babies grow together!