The Birth Story of Remington Jean | Southern Indiana Newborn and Birth Photographer


Today sweet Remie is ONE! There’s something about your baby turning a year old that makes you nostalgic and reflective over the time you’ve spent together. Each year that passes with your child becomes more and more bittersweet, and the memories you share together become even more special. Today I’m sharing Remie’s birth story, because what better way to think back on one wonderful year of loving your baby than to remember the moments in which it all began?

I’m grateful to know this wonderful family and to have the opportunity of documenting their pretty girl. Remie’s momma shares some thoughts on motherhood and how wonderful it’s been loving her baby girl for one whole year now. Thanks for the reminder of what a gift motherhood is, Maggie!

The second Remie was placed on my chest, my whole world shifted. The second I saw her beautiful, precious little face - I fell in complete and total love. Motherhood has changed me in ways I never knew it would. Remie has shown me what true, unconditional love is. What it feels like to live with my heart outside my body. I've been blessed with one whole year of loving her. I've never felt more completely whole. Motherhood has made me feel joy and happiness in the simplest of ways. Remie has taught me more in her one year of living than she will ever realize. She is everything God knew I needed. One whole year of loving my sweet girl, and to think I get to love her forever is my greatest blessing of all!

(Remie’s momma)

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