Welcoming Dayton | Southern Indiana and Louisville Newborn Photographer

A new week, a beautiful new baby, and more thoughts on the joys and challenges of motherhood today on the blog. Thanks for being here!

When I asked Dayton’s mama about what she’s enjoyed most about motherhood so far, she said that the instant bond between her and her daughter and the amount of room that Dayton has taken up in her heart has been one of the greatest gifts. She mentioned that you go nine months wondering and daydreaming what your baby will be like, and you hear people talk about how wonderful it is, but you don’t truly understand how truly special it is until you experience it firsthand.

There’s so many unexpected emotions that come along with motherhood that no one can really explain to you, no matter how hard they try. Like the way you’ll melt and fall in love all over again when you see your partner become a dad and get to witness him turn into a pile of mush over that precious baby (another one of Danielle’s favorites). :)

And there’s a lot that people simply don’t try to explain or tell you… Like all the postpartum junk you get to deal with, but the fact that you won’t care at all because you get to snuggle and stare at the brand new baby in your arms while you heal.

They don’t tell you about the number of days and weeks you’ll spend in your pajamas, messy hair and no make up, sitting around on the couch or lying in bed alternating between nursing or bottle feeding a baby every 2-3 hours and changing dirty diapers - and while it may be some of the most challenging days you’ll face, they are also some of the sweetest, most cherished memories you’ll have as you and your little one learned one another and figured this new season of life out together.

They don’t tell you that the exhaustion is like none you’ve experienced before, but that one look at that precious face in the morning is all you need to get up and get the energy you need to be his or her mama (and maybe some coffee, too). Oh, and that the exhaustion just becomes a new normal and something you’ll learn to live with for years. :)

They don’t tell you that you’ll question and doubt yourself more than you ever have in your entire life - am I using the right diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, swaddles, nipple shield, diaper cream? Should they sleep in the crib or bassinet or rock and play or pack and play or should we co-sleep? Are they getting enough to eat? Are they getting too much to eat? Have they peed and pooped enough today? Are they sleeping too little or too much? I’m telling you, the questions never end, even when they are out of the newborn stage. But what a lot of people don’t tell you is that while you may sometimes be consumed with these questions, you will also be consumed with this all knowing realization that you were MADE to do this job and you are doing an amazing job, even if you doubt or worry. And if it gets to be too much, that’s when you turn to a friend or family member for support, stop with the Google searches (ha! but for real..) and simply listen to what your mama heart says because deep down you know what’s best for your baby.

They don’t tell you that you’ll spend a lot of time comparing yourself to other moms, even when you don’t mean to. One scroll through social media and you’ll be inundated by adorable clothing styles and accessories, magazine worthy nurseries , organized playrooms, fun family outings, babies/toddlers/kids that look like they are always on their best behavior and moms that look like they have their sh** together at all times. It can be easy to look at yourself and wonder, why the heck can’t I do that!? Well I’m here to tell you, what you see on your social media or on TV isn’t the complete story, and all of us mamas are in the same boat as we make it day-by-day, through the tears and tantrums and messes. And what you don’t hear often enough is that when your child looks in your eyes, all of that other junk melts away. If you pay attention, they have a way of letting you know that you’re all they need. Your child looks at you and sees perfection. You were handpicked for this job. The messes and tears are inevitable, but this season is so FULL of love and beauty and moments that you’ll cherish forever.. Don’t miss them!

So moms - let’s remember that the beautiful moments during this season don’t have to be picture perfect. Let’s seek them out and savor the moments, and let’s share how wonderful these days are with other mamas that are on the same journey or just beginning. There’s so much we aren’t told about the challenges and joys of this job, and it’s a constant learning experience. But that’s what makes it SO rewarding. You were made to do this, and your baby (or babies) are lucky to have you!

Alright my friends, meet the Dodson family. They received the best Christmas present.. Miss Dayton!