Welcoming Jared | Southern Indiana Newborn Photographer

I’m telling ya, I really get to work with the kindest and most easy going people. It makes my job capturing a glimpse of their new, special season of life so easy. It also encourages me to continuously reflect on motherhood/parenthood and the rollercoaster of life it takes us on.

If you’re like me, you may have had this vision of the type of mother you’d be, thought up and fine tuned over years and years before baby came along. Then I became a mother, and day by day that vision of the mother I thought I’d be challenged my daily walk in parenting. So many things I thought would come naturally and easily did not. Things I thought would never stress or frustrate me did. Ways I never thought my child would act were happening (and still are, ha!). For far too long, I let this vision of the mom I thought I was supposed to be have control over how I reacted and responded to the daily stresses of parenthood. And worst yet, I was allowing those expectations to define who I was as a mom and found I was always questioning myself and coming up short.

Slowly I began to realize how ridiculous I was being for trying to measure up to the level of perfection I set for myself in my head. I realized it was never attainable. Moms - none of us are and never will be perfect! But our children will never think the bad, irrational things we think of our own selves. They see us showing up, day in and day out, kissing their boo boos, reading their bedtime stories and snuggling them to sleep. Yes, they may see us lose our cool now and then, but that’s okay. They see us trying again, choosing them again, waking up and giving them our all - AGAIN.

Motherhood is such a journey in which we are shedding layers and layers of selfishness and choosing to put others above our own wants and needs, daily. The most freeing thing I’m learning on this journey is that while I may not ever be that perfect mom I dreamed I would be, I am and will continually be the mom my children NEED me to be. And honestly, that’s way better. That comes from trusting that we will continually learn and grow through the seasons and that we are equipped to meet their every need as they arise. Mamas - you are exactly what your children need. Believe it!

Now meet the sweetest little boy, Jared. He’s precious, you all! Tyler and Markie, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture your beautiful little family. It was an honor.

Welcome to the world, baby boy!