Welcoming Oliver | Louisville Newborn Photographer

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Just before the new year I got to spend time with this down to earth, extremely kind and over-the-moon-in-love-with-their-son couple. I never get tired of watching new parents love on their brand new babies. It reminds me over and over how precious this time of life is. It also reminds me how very selfless parents are. Whether you’re ready for it or not, welcoming a child into the world means you’re no longer first. Everything you do basically revolves around this tiny human whom you never knew you could have SO much love for. Sometimes you may feel like you’re losing yourself in the role, and that’s okay. This season is a challenge, but it’s filled with so much joy. You are learning one another and these days are more valuable than you could ever imagine. And on the days when the challenge seems a bit more than you can handle, remember that you’re not alone in the way you feel. The outpouring of yourself, the love, the hard work you’re putting in… It will all be worth it. I promise. Be kind to yourself and know that you were handpicked for your little love. You have everything that baby needs, now and in all the years to come.

It reminds me of an excerpt from Rachel Macy Stafford's book, “Only Love Today” - If this isn’t a part of your “motherhood survival” library I highly recommend you buy it!

Chances are…

He’ll remember your soothing whispers bringing comfort in the night, not your red-hot impatience that sometimes got the best of you.

Chances are… She’ll remember the way your soft arms gathered her up in the morning, not the puffiness of your eyes or the exhaustion in your voice.

Chances are… She’ll remember the new beginnings you offered when she messed up, not the stained couch cushions and perpetual dust bunnies.

Chances are… He’ll remember the way your eyes shined as he stood over his birthday cake, not whether the confection came from your kitchen or the store.

Chances are… She’ll remember the gift of your hand and your time as she walked along the curb, not the gifts the other kids got that she didn’t.

Chances are… He’ll remember the sound of your laughter, not your embarrassing singing voice and horrible rhythm.

Chances are… She’ll remember the yesses you gave to feeding strays and jumping in puddles, not the noes to powdered sugar doughnuts and pet snakes.

Chances are he’ll remember how you showed up.

Chances are she’ll remember how you’d say,” I love you,” out of the blue.

Chances are she’ll remember how her pain was your pain.

Chances are you’re better at this gig than you think you are.

Chances are you’re pretty amazing in the eyes of those who love you.

Chances are you could take a little pressure off yourself, and things would still be okay.

(Rachel Macy Stafford, Only Love Today)

I know… so good, right? You’re pretty fantastic, especially in the eyes of those that love you. Now, without further delay, meet sweet Oliver…

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