Back to Work and Celebrating Life! | Louisville Newborn and Family Photographer

Well, our "Baby Annie" (as my son calls her) is now three months old and I'm officially back to work!  Taking a little break was definitely good and needed, but I started to forget how much I love working with sweet families and documenting the special seasons of their lives.  

Life can be really tough sometimes... My family has been going through a lot of changes, some hardships and adjustments and it can be easy to begin focusing only on what you see in front of you.  But there are times when you are reminded that life is still SO good, and there are so many blessings to be thankful for, miracles to witness and life to live to its fullest.  Working with different families and getting a glimpse of their stories and journeys reminds me, over and over, how good God is.  I'm so grateful that I have the opportunities to preserve sweet memories for families, and in return I witness love and joy and goodness... It's so good for my soul.

This past month was full of celebrating families and life - from the sweet season of waiting on a new baby's arrival, to births and growing families, to one year birthdays... Each of these families are in special seasons that will be remembered forever.  My hope, as always, is that I was able to capture some of those memories for them so they can look back years down the road and remember how good this time was and share their stories with their children, grandchildren and beyond.  

Thank you to these amazing families for inviting me into their lives and sharing a bit of their stories with me.. It's truly an honor, every time.