Welcoming Quinn Marie | Southern Indiana Newborn Photographer

The last time I saw this family they were still celebrating the news that they would have a sweet girl joining them come winter.  Fast forward several months and Miss Quinn has arrived, bringing even more joy and light into their lives.  

The one thing I love about this family is how easy-going and enjoyable they are to work with.  They don't have many expectations other than being themselves, having fun and loving on one another, and they do it so well!  They make my job simple - all I have to do is document it.  

To me, that's what is so special about family lifestyle photography.  Little to no posing, no forcing kids to look at the camera and smile, no rushing.  Simply just being yourselves in the place you feel most comfortable, capturing memories that (I hope) will always remind you of how special this time is.  It goes by so quickly and the small, sweet details can easily be forgotten.  Don't let that happen.. make sure you're soaking it all in and collecting moments along the way to help you always remember these fleeting days.  

Sarah and Jonathan, thank you for inviting me back into your home to capture the newest season of life for your family and trusting me to document your memories.  The four of you are such a breath of fresh air and a great reminder to slow down, love one another well and soak in the little moments in life.  Congratulations to you all!