Welcoming Rosie | Louisville and Southern Indiana Newborn Photographer

“I NEEDED this time documented. In-home newborn sessions weren't really a big "thing" when my other two children were babies, and I wish so badly I had that time captured with them in our own little comfortable space. If I could recommend one session to have professionally photographed, it'd be this- where everyone is present in the photo and not behind the camera.”

(Courtney, the pretty mama in these photos)

“This time…” This time and season of motherhood is so fleeting. I’m learning it all is, really, but the early days that are consumed with feedings, diaper changes, rocking to sleep and trying your best to care for the rest of your family and yourself is such a blur. It’s hard.. really hard. But SO full of joy and some of the most precious moments of your life. It is possible to feel the gratitude and love so deeply it hurts, but at the same time have a hard time seeing the beauty when you’re sleep deprived and in need of a shower (ha!). You mommas know what I mean, though!

So this is why lifestyle newborn sessions are so important. When you pull out these photos you’ll see the beauty and the love and how special this time was, even though it may very well be the most challenging time of your life. One day you’ll long to hold that tiny baby to your chest again, to remember their breath on your cheek and to watch your children snuggle him or her all over again. These days are truly special and should be savored, and documenting them is a way to help you do that forever.

So now, meet Rosie! I could hardly stand how pretty she is… I mean, look at that hair! It was obvious that her brothers adore her and will be her greatest protectors. Her mama is an amazing photographer and I’m so happy she decided to put down her camera and be in front of the lens with her babies. Courtney and Michael, your family is beyond beautiful. These three kiddos are lucky to have you both to guide them through the journeys of their lives!