Welcoming Baby Leo | Louisville Newborn Photography

"Today let me appreciate the gifts in the mundane, ordinary moments that are graciously given to me.  Because even though it's far from perfect, even though sometimes it's messy and hard, this is my one precious life."  -Rachel Macy Stafford, Only Love Today

To all the parents out there.. You know how true this is.  Parenthood is tough work.  Tougher than you can imagine.. But man is it so much more amazing than you could ever hope for.  It's filled with blessings and beauty, even in the moments that don't seem that way.  It's when we take a step back and look at our lives and the little humans you've been given and realize how very special it all is. 

This family fills their home with love, laughter and beauty in the sweet, simple moments they share together.  It was an honor to witness their love and get to capture a bit of it.  Thank you friends, and congratulations on your growing family!