Welcoming Baby Maddox | Louisville Fresh 48 Photography

"Life is passing rapidly.  Fiercely commit to every moment you find beautiful and remember it.  Record it.  Fully, wholeheartedly inhabit it.  Awareness is one of the greatest things you can possess in this life as it is as important as the very air we breathe and water we drink to stay alive." 

There are moments in life you will relive over and over, as the years pass by.  The day your family grows once again, and your babies get to meet their baby brother is one of those moments.  These are the moments that feed my passion, and I'm so thankful to the families that allow me to capture these special times in their lives.

Miller family, watching your family together was just precious.  I know words cannot describe how special it was to watch your girls meet baby Maddox for the first time, but I hope these pictures can be a reminder of the sweet memories of that day.  <3