Welcoming Baby Zoey | Southern Indiana Newborn Photographer

When friends come in town from Chicago with their new baby girl and ask to get some family photos taken, you say yes!  Documenting your growing family's new season of life doesn't have to take place in your actual home.  You don't need the perfectly decorated nursery.. You just need your sweet baby and lots of love to give (which is never a problem!).  

Newborn photos aren't about your surroundings, it's about your connection with the precious new life you brought into the world.  And this momma worked and fought hard to get her Zoey here, and this dad held them all together with strength, courage and unwavering love.  They deserved these moments captured, no matter what.  Thank you, Lindsay and Greg for asking me to photograph your family.  It was an honor. 

Kelly Lovan2 Comments