The Birth Story of Andi June | Southern Indiana Birth Photography

If there's anything I've leaned from photographing birth stories, it's that every woman's experience is different that what they expected and imagined, and it usually never goes as planned.  While for many people (like me, who loves to plan), this thought can be a bit discouraging.  But the main lesson I've learned is that the beauty comes in the unexpected.  When the road leads you down an unknown path, you lean on the ones you love more than ever and are left with irreplaceable moments that you'll treasure forever.  I'm humbled every single time I get to witness those moments, and thankful that families like this one invite me to document these cherished times in their lives.  

Kevin, Sarah, Waylon and Andi June - your sweet family is so special.  Thank you for allowing me to be there to capture this perfect day.

Alright world, meet And June!  <3 

Kelly LovanComment