Welcoming Adeline Louise | Louisville Fresh 48 Story

Sometimes words don't do a story justice.  Watching two of my best friends welcome another sweet baby into their family fills my heart with so much happiness.  Over the years I've watched these two fall in love, get married, start a family and love one another so well.  Now they've welcomed their precious baby girl, Adeline Louise, and she's the perfect addition to their family.  I'm honored to have been able to capture Stanley meeting his baby sister for the first time.  These moments and the joy that they hold will be memories remembered forever.  I like to think about Stanley and Adeline looking at these photos one day and smiling at the instant connection they shared and the love so evident that their parents radiated for them.  What a blessing this family is to so many, including me.  Congratulations to my sweet friends...  I'm beyond happy for you all and looking forward to all the wonderful memories ahead! 

Kelly LovanComment