The Corley Family | New Albany, IN Family Lifestyle Session

"What draws me to your photography is capturing our everyday moments at home. I can't believe my youngest (and last) is about to be one and I would love to capture the bit of baby still left."

As soon as I read Lauren's email I knew this home session would be special.  This momma gets my heart, both as a photographer and a mother.  The season of little feet pitter pattering on the floor, stuffed animals, story times and cuddling is so, so fleeting.  Living right in the middle of this season myself, it helps me recognize how much of a treasure the simple, sweet moments are that happen on our ordinary days with our loved ones.  

I consider it such an honor when families open their homes to me and trust me to capture their moments together.  These sessions hold no expectations, photo ideas from Pinterest or perfect poses.  All I ask is that you show me what a little bit of real life looks like for your family.  As we talk, play around and laugh I document the beauty of your life.  In the end, you get sweet memories preserved and I walk away learning little lessons about family and how good God is.  How lucky am I to call this my job and to learn such valuable lessons from new friends along the way.

To this lovely family - thank you for inviting me into your home.  The ease of which you show kindness and love one another well is something to be admired.  Your little family and life you're building is just beautiful.  <3 

Kelly LovanComment