Caroline Turns One! | Southern Indiana Milestone Lifestyle Session

Motherhood...  What a roller coaster of emotions it brings, especially in that first year.  And then before you know it, that teeny tiny baby you first held in your arms is turning one.  I'm still trying to figure out how it goes by so quickly.  The one year mark is a big milestone, not only for that precious baby of yours, but for you too, mama.  Your world has revolved around meeting every single one of your little one's every need.  It's exhausting, challenging, and can make you feel like you're going crazy some days... But it's oh so worth it.  You've put every ounce of yourself into motherhood, and you should be celebrated as well.

The common thread that runs throughout your days and on repeat.. those are the moments and memories of motherhood and childhood that will be forever treasured and etched on your hearts.  Morning snuggles, reading stories, giving baths and caring lovingly for your babies are only a few ordinary, everyday routines you'll cherish forever, and will one day realize (if not already) that those things aren't so ordinary after all.  You deserve to have those adored moments captured... you and that baby of yours.  The gift of memories.. What a perfect birthday gift for your one year old. <3 

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl.  It's been an honor to document her from her first breath to her first birthday.  You're such a blessing, little girl!  

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