"Love Begins at Home" | Welcoming Baby Henry: A Newborn Lifestyle Session

Love begins at home.

Mother Teresa said it best. Simple and straightforward, but so powerful.  As a new mother, I'm learning how true this is.  In a world that can be chaotic, confusing and scary at times, we know that love is what we need more of, everywhere.  But if we expect love to impact the world on a large-scale, we have to start thinking about it right where we are today - on an ordinary Wednesday while we're living our ordinary and sometimes mundane-feeling lives.  

If we want love to make an impact in this world, we have to practice it and we have to teach it to the little ones God has entrusted us with.  We have to teach it and practice it and model what love looks like... At work and at school, at the grocery store and while you're out running errands, when sitting in traffic and while you're on the phone with the cable company.  This practicing love thing can be difficult.  And I'm finding that it can sometimes be even more difficult at home, because that's when you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and to vent your frustrations and unhappy thoughts.  (I'm guilty of this.)  But this morning while having a bit of quiet time (which is rare!), a thought came over me... My family - the ones that God has placed beside me to share this life with - they are the ones that deserve the very best of me and of my love.  They are the ones that I can make either a positive or negative impact on every.single.day.  And I have the power to make that decision.  If I want love to make a difference in this world, then I must practice it, model it and share it with the ones that are most important.  

In a crazy world, home is where our children feel most comfortable and safe.  Home is where they will learn and build the foundation that will keep their little souls grounded for whatever roads they walk down in life.  And where will they learn these valuable lessons? From us. But only if we make a conscious effort every single day to teach and model goodness, grace, and love.  These things are so much greater than us, but if we're willing, we can help instill these important values in our children.  It starts at home, so home should be sacred.  Home should be where we are truthful with ourselves and with those we love, where we feel safe enough to work on ourselves day in and day out, and where we learn and teach one another and grow in love.  Everyday won't be picture perfect and beautiful.. not even close - God's not calling us to be perfect.  But He is calling us to BE love, and I can't think of a better place to start than right where we find ourselves everyday.  

This family - these four... They are love.  You can feel it in their home. You can hear it when they speak to one another. You can see it as they interact with one another.  What a wonderful example of the power of loving your family.  I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to photograph families like this one, that remind me of the importance of loving well those God has blessed you with.  

This sweet family recently welcomed their second baby boy into the world, Henry Joseph Kraft.  Oh, how loved he is.  It warms my heart to think about him growing and learning and exploring through life with these amazing people by his side to support and guide him.  Ben and Katie, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home to capture some precious moments of this season of life for you.  You were so wonderful to work with and I enjoyed every minute with your lovely family.  Congratulations on your perfect baby boy!