Welcoming Baby Beau | A Newborn Lifestyle Session

And then there were four.

Baby Beau, if only you knew how happy you've made your sweet family.  You made your mama a "boy" mom, gave your dad a buddy to do all kinds of "guy" stuff with, and made pretty Lo a proud big sister.  I can only imagine the fun energy this little boy will add to this household over the years. 

I've heard countless times the worry that parents have when they're bringing baby number two into the world.  Wondering if your heart can love another human as deeply as your firstborn is a real and understandable concern.  After seeing families like this though, I know it must be true when they say your heart just grows double the size it once was.  The deep love these three have for this precious boy was evident, and I loved every second watching them together.  Congratulations on your new addition, Davidson's!  He's just perfect.  <3 

Kelly Lovan1 Comment