Thank you so much for choosing me to document your family during this sweet season of life.  I consider it an honor to work with you and look forward to capturing special memories of your family!

I've created a guide to help you prepare for your Fresh 48 session.  I assure you, there's not much that you need to do!  My job and goal is to make it as simple as possible for you so all of your energy can go towards loving on that sweet baby.  


What does our photo package include? 

The Fresh 48 session is a 45-60 minute session at the hospital you deliver your baby at.  It includes all digital images with full rights (you are able to print your images and/or order products through whatever photo company you prefer).  The package also includes two 8x10 and three 5x7 professional prints from my photo lab.  You will receive your images in an online, password protected gallery.  There you can download all of your images and choose the prints you'd like from me.  If you would like to order additional professional quality prints or products you can do so from your gallery.  Once your photos are finished I will send you an email with your link and password to access your gallery.  It's very easy!


What about scheduling?

I have your due date on my calendar to reserve your session.  I ask that you keep me updated as you near your due date (anything that may be an indicator that the baby will be arriving in the near future).  However, I know a lot of babies like to make surprise debuts, so if that's the case you can contact me once the baby has arrived and you've had a chance to rest.  We will then decide on a time for me to come to the hospital for your session.  Most people wait until the next day so they have time to rest.  If you would like me to document siblings meeting the baby I will do my best to be available when you plan on them coming to the hospital. 


What should we expect?

The purpose of Fresh 48 sessions is to capture the love and connection between your new baby and family, as well as the brand new baby details that you'll never want to forget.  My goal is to always photograph individual shots of the baby in the environment (in the bassinet, laying on the bed, in mom or dad's arms, etc).  I will also get a good variety of the baby with mom, with dad, and together as a family.  If you have siblings coming to visit, I will photograph them meeting the baby for the first time, first kisses and hugs, counting fingers and toes, and snuggling together as a family.  I will guide your family along as I get these photos, but will also step back and allow you to interact with and love one another naturally.  

I know that the hospital room can get busy with nurses and doctors coming in and out, so if I need to step out of the room at any point that's totally fine.  I know that the first few days can be very exhausting, so I never stay for more than an hour.  My job is to make this an enjoyable and stress free experience for you!  

If you haven't already, you can take a look at my recent Fresh 48 work to help you get an even better idea of what to expect.  

What should I have ready before the session?

The only items you may want to have ready would be outfit choices for the baby, swaddle blankets, bows, hats, or other items you would like the baby to be photographed with.  Some parents choose to have the baby photographed in simple onesies and swaddle blanket from the hospital, and some parents bring their own.  It's totally up to you!  I ask that you and your baby be dressed in whatever you have decided before I get there.  If you would like help deciding on outfits, you are welcome to text me pictures and I'll let you know my opinion! 


What should we wear?

I always suggest simple clothing options for the baby and parents, especially for Fresh 48 sessions.  Try to stay away from clothing choices with very bold or bright colors and/or patterns.  Neutral or soft colors photograph very well and compliment the baby's skin tone.  Since hospital rooms can be a little bit drab, you can bring in soft colors with your swaddle blankets, shirts or robe, etc.  

I don't recommend having more than one or two outfits for the baby since outfit changes can sometimes get them fussy and uncomfortable.  

I've created a Pinterest board with ideas of types of clothing styles and colors that are ideal for newborn sessions (for both the parents/family and the newborn).  Don't worry if the photos don't portray your style, but it would be helpful to pay attention to the color palettes and patterns.  


How long will it take to get our photos back? 

Unless you ask me not to, I will have a few "sneak peeks" posted on social media (FB) within a few days of your session.  Your final gallery will be emailed to you within two weeks of your session date.  

What about payment? 

If you'd like to go ahead and pay for your session you can do so now by adding the correct session to your cart (see below).    If you'd rather wait until the day of your session, you can pay by check or cash.  It's whatever is easiest for you! 

Ready to pay for your session?  Simply add the "Fresh 48 session" to your cart and follow the prompts to get your payment taken care of.  Thank you! 

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