Hello!  I'm Kelly.  I'm a family, newborn and birth photographer located in Louisville, Kentucky and the Southern Indiana area.  Thank you for visiting! 


So a little bit about me - I'm a wife to a hard working, outdoors-loving, goofy, supportive fire fighting man and a mama to a sweet, happy boy named William Blaine.  Aside from photography, I teach Early Childhood Education courses at Ivy Tech College (after spending six years teaching elementary and middle school students).  Needless to say, I love working with kids and meeting new people.  I also love Jesus, coffee + my journal, handwritten notes, being outdoors, traveling, and having no place to be with the ones I love.  

kelly lovan photography

Why family photography?

I'm drawn to the small, fleeting moments that happen on ordinary days, for I'm finding it's those little moments that make life meaningful and wonderful.  Like morning coffee with my husband, rocking and snuggling with my baby before he lays down for his nap, country drives with the wind blowing and the music up, and lazy days spent laughing with family.  Fifty years from now, it will be ordinary moments such as those that I think back on and cherish.  So, those are the types of moments I want to capture so that our story can be documented, little by little.  

It's important that I capture those moments not only for me, but for my children, their children, and so on.  I want our memories and our story to be passed on and shared with future generations.  So that's the reason I pick up my camera and do what I do.

I would love to do the same for you.  As a photographer, my passion is capturing the essence of who you are and who your family is.  The love, the bond, and the connection you share is what I strive to document.  We will laugh, be silly and have fun so that I can capture the true you and the special moments you share with your loved ones - The moments that you'll treasure forever.  

I put my heart into my work, and would be honored to capture a little piece of your story.  I hope to hear from you! 

kelly lovan photography

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